Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pa-Oh Traditional Rocket Festival In Hopone Township

Pa-Oh Traditional Rocket Festival, held at Noung Taung village, Hopone township, Taunggyi District, southern Shan State, Burma, on June 20-21, 2010. That rocket festival held to raise fund for school, temple and maintain the Pa-Oh traditional rocket and culture, and organized by Noung Taung Buddhist temple. There are more then 200 hundred rockets from different villages of Pa-Oh areas.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pa-Oh Culture Photo Exhibition

Pa-Oh photo exhibition in Pa-Oh Literature Training in Sai Kao, Se Sai Township, in May 2010, the exhibition started from May 1 to 6. This Pa-Oh Literature Training is organized one time every year by Pa-Oh Central Monk Organization called "Pa-Oh Leik Lai Jod Lee Thar Ba Ho Sanga Joe", which aim to maintain and sustain the Pa-Oh literature and culture.

ေနင္း ၂၀၁၀ ဗား၊ ေမ လာကို။ ပအုိ၀္းစြိဳးခြိဳတားဓာတ္ပြံဳးပညားပ်ပြယ္။ ထြာေႏြာင္ဆရားလိတ္ပအုိ၀္းဗဟုိးသြဥ္တန္၊ ေ၀င္သဲုင္ေခါ၀္၊ သီးသဲင္းေ၀င္နယ္း။

Friday, May 28, 2010

Pa-Oh Traditional Rocket Fire Festival In Taunggyitime

The Pa-Oh Traditional Rocket Fire Festival Organized on May 27-28, 2010 In Pawmu Village in the North of Taunggyi City, Southern Shan State, Burma. This is Reported to be the First time for more then 14 year after it was banned by Pa-Oh National Organization (PNO) after being pressured by SPDC military regime.